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View, download & print ordering information and specifications on industrial controls, cables and instrumentation.
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TeleflexMorse Products

TeleflexMorse Assemblers Program
Push-Pull control cables built and shipped the same day!

Cable Design & Application(4).pdf

TFXtreme Cables(2).pdf

Push-Pull Cables(4).pdf

Utility Cables(4).pdf

Positive Lock Cables(2).pdf

Vernier Controls & Cables(3).pdf

Modulator Control Cables(2).pdf

Accelerator Cables(1).pdf

Electronic Throttle Controls(3).pdf

Remote Valve Controls & Cables(2).pdf

Pneumatic Valve Controls(2).pdf

Cable Fittings & Hardware(5).pdf


MAXX Controls(5).pdf


Allison Automatic Transmissions

Controls & Instrumentation Flyer(1).pdf

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